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On Sunday the 26th of October, 2014, in San Francisco, an all day Open Space event launched the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation.  From the live event and later online participation came 49 project proposals.  A later community process developed a Vision Statement for the Foundation.

With a wealth of excellent ideas, a clear vision statement, an engaged community, and funding from enthusiastic donors, we are moving forward and are happy to announce our first project selected from the projects proposed in the Open Space.

US Spiritual Emergence Network now part of the Grof Foundation

The US Spiritual Emergence Network, founded in 1980 by Christina Grof, now has a home organization and is an official part of the Grof Foundation.   Ted Esser, who has dedicated himself over the last ten years to the preservation and continued operation of SEN, is now a staff member of the Grof Foundation.

The Grof Foundation will invest in and expand the speed and of the referrals and the number of therapists and counselors in its Directory.

Our goal is that anyone in the US with a psychospiritual challenge, whatever the cause, is able to quickly find a qualified local professional to support them in a way that honors their process and sees it as potentially healing and offering a chance at growth, versus labeling them in pathological terms and taking steps to stop their process without considering its potential value. fxpro spread betting

To support the Grof Foundation and the SEN please contribute to our Kick Start campaign.  A donation of $100 or more entitles you to be listed as a Founding Donor of the Grof Foundation.

The Grof Foundation funding page is at:

The announcement letter with more details about the SEN becoming part of the Grof Foundation is on this site.

Stan Grof’s letter about the SEN becoming a part of the Grof Foundation is also a post on this site.

Thanks for your continued involvement and support!

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