Stanislav Grof: the Spiritual Emergence Network joins the GF

Following is the full text written by Stan Grof  in connection with the Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) US becoming a part of the Grof Foundation.

Since the late 1970s when Christina started sharing publicly the story of her stormy Kundalini awakening and 1980 when she founded SEN, the issues related to crises of spiritual awakening (“spiritual emergencies”) became an important part of our professional life. Over the years, many people came to us after our lectures and in our workshops and training modules and shared with us their personal experiences with these challenging episodes. Some of them succeeded in overcoming these crises without external help, others told us that the information in our books and referral from SEN made a big difference in these times their stormy transformation. Unfortunately, many others were not so lucky. They received serious psychiatric diagnoses and the potentially healing process was stymied by suppressive medication. We became aware of the fact that successful completion and integration of spiritual emergencies was important not only for the individuals involved, but also for the society. It tends to reduce aggression and engender compassion, ecological awareness, universal and all-encompassing spirituality, and inclination toward synergy and service. Such transformation on a large scale would increase our chances for planetary survival.

I am very excited that the board of the Grof Foundation decided that its first project would be to provide funding for SEN that would guarantee its revival and growth. And I know that Christina would have been very moved to see that this will be the first major endeavor of the foundation that bears our name. I hope that those of you who understand the importance of this project will consider giving it your support.

– Stanislav Grof, Mill Valley, California, January 2015

To contribute use the Grof Foundation Kick Start crowd-funding page.

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