Vision Statement

A world where
safe, powerful means for inner transformation
are widely available
to help transcend violence, foster sustainability, and enrich life.

This statement was developed through a two-phase community process, plus a discussion with Stan Grof and a long deliberation by the Grof Foundation board members.

The Vision Statement for an organization is a succinct expression of what the organization seeks to achieve in the long term, and is written in language that can be understood by the widest possible audience. It is included in the organization’s official bylaws, and it provides a framework for the organization’s mission, values, and projects.

Deep thanks to the many individuals who contributed to this process. Every one of your comments was seriously considered.

We still have a lot of work to do in defining the specific mission points that will identify the areas in which we are active, as well as defining our values, which will set forth the principles to be followed in our activities. We will continue to benefit from the participation of our community as these points are developed.

Also, deep thanks to those of you who have supported our kick-start as Founding Donors.

If you would like to be a Founding Donor, and you would help the Grof Foundation get off to a great start, there is still time.

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