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The International Spiritual Emergence Network Team – Now Part of the Grof Foundation

ISEN, part of the Grof Foundation

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We are delighted to announce that the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation is now providing an organizational home for ISEN – the International Spiritual Emergence Network.

ISEN was launched over the last year by a small group of dedicated volunteers (Rozalia Kovacs- Napier in Hungary, Ted Esser in the US, and Katie Mottram in the UK). They had already begun the work to raise awareness globally for the needs of people experiencing spiritual crisis.  They had also contacted many of the existing SEN-related organizations world-wide and invited them to join in this cooperative process.

Their passion is to establish a global network that coordinates support, information and shared resources for all the national and regional spiritual emergence organizations, while also helping new organizations to form and begin offering services.

By welcoming the ISEN team into the Grof Foundation – as Staff and as members of the Board of Directors, we connect them to the wider community of people inspired by Stan and Christina’s work. At the same time, by combining our perspectives, expertise, and passions we are together giving birth to a new stage of growth for the Grof Foundation.

To support the Grof Foundation and the Spiritual Emergence Network, in the US and Globally, please contribute to our campaign. 

The Spiritual Emergency Support funding page is at:

The announcement letter with more details about the International  Spiritual Emergence Network Team becoming part of the Grof Foundation is on this site.

The web site for the this new service is at spiritualemergencenetwork.org

Thanks for your continued involvement and support!

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