Buying Used All Electric Cars

Buying Used All Electric Cars

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Used all-electric cars are a great option for drivers who want smooth power delivery, admirable energy efficiency, low cost of charging (at home or public stations), and carpool/high-occupancy vehicle lane access that an EV offers without paying the new-car price. However, it’s important to consider the driving range and your local charging infrastructure when buying a pre-owned EV. Read

Unlike gas-fueled vehicles, which are frequently updated with newer versions, EVs tend to lose some of their battery capacity over time. However, battery failure that requires replacement is relatively rare. Recurrent is monitoring connected EVs to determine how specific makes and models age.

Going Green: Affordable Used All Electric Cars

We know from the data that a used EV that has been driven regularly is more likely to have an intact and reliable battery. Conversely, if a used EV is left unused or charged infrequently, it can cause degradation to the batteries. This is especially true if the odometer has high mileage.

It’s also important to check if the used EV you’re considering has fast charging capability. This feature is becoming increasingly available on EVs and can be a game-changer for busy commuters. If a car doesn’t offer fast charging, it may be best to walk away. Finally, it’s important to take a test drive of any used all-electric car you are considering. Check if the range estimator is accurate and see how it performs under various driving conditions. It’s also a good idea to find out if the seller can provide the original EPA-estimated range for the car as well as its battery capacity.

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