Commercial Property Conveyancing Melbourne

Commercial Property Conveyancing Melbourne

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Property Haitch Convey can be a stressful time whether you are buying your first investment property, relocating or selling your commercial business premises or purchasing your dream home. It is important that you engage with an experienced and reputable conveyancing firm to ensure that the legal transfer of property ownership is managed smoothly and efficiently.

Residential and commercial property conveyancing is a complex process that requires specialist expertise. The difference between the two is that residential properties are intended for use as dwellings such as houses and apartments, whereas commercial property includes anything used for business purposes including office buildings, warehouses, retail space and even a veterinary practice or artists’ studio. The process of commercial property conveyancing melbourne differs from the residential process in that it is usually longer and more complicated with a larger deposit required and a range of additional searches and documents that need to be completed.

Common Challenges in Commercial Property Conveyancing: Melbourne Cases

The conveyancing process of a commercial property usually commences with preparing and executing a contract of sale. This can be a complex process, with many special terms and conditions that must be included in the contract to ensure that you are protected as the purchaser. For example, the property may be subject to a statutory caveat or there may be covenants on the title restricting what you can do with it. It is important to have a professional team conduct the relevant searches and review the contract of sale to ensure that your interests are protected.

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