Do You Burn More Calories at a Standing Desk?

Do You Burn More Calories at a Standing Desk?

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Amidst discussions on workplace wellness and productivity, the question arises: Do you burn more calories at a standing desk? The allure of potentially torching extra calories while standing seems enticing to many office workers seeking to combat the sedentary nature of desk-bound jobs. Proponents argue that the act of standing naturally engages muscles, leading to increased energy expenditure throughout the day.

Standing Desk Mythbuster: Debunking the Notion of Increased Caloric Burn

While calorie burning is not the only benefit of using a standing desk, it’s a big one for those who are seeking to lose weight. While many calorie obsessed articles focus on the number of extra calories burned per hour at a stand up desk, the real metric that matters is whether or not your body can positively influence hormones that regulate blood sugar and burn fat.

A recent study looked at the results of almost 700 studies that have sought to measure the effects of standing vs. sitting on health outcomes, and found that a six-hour day of working while standing does burn about 54 extra calories, which is about the amount of calories contained in an orange.

This seems like a fair estimate, especially since the extra calories burned by using a standing desk are likely offset by a reduction in the aches and pains associated with sitting for long periods, such as lower back and neck strain. But it’s also important to keep in mind that the best approach to achieving your desired fitness level is through a combination of activities, so incorporating a mixture of sit-to-stand and moving-around tasks into your workday will yield the most health benefits.

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