We Are Turning 2 Years Old!

Dear friends:

Two years ago, on October 26, 2014, the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation was born with an event that gathered over sixty people in San Francisco. This “Open Space” conversation then continued and expanded for many months online.

Our commitment was to launch the Foundation by asking everyone to identify projects and issues most important to them, and working to explore these together.


From this conversation, several initiatives were born:

  • The Grof Foundation provided an institutional home for the US Spiritual Emergence Network, giving it needed support, stability, and friendship.
  • During the launch, Susan Logeais Hess proposed the topic “How to Use Film/Video/Storytelling to Share NOSC with a Larger Public,” which attracted a huge amount of interest from participants. Since then, Susan has worked closely with Stan to make this a reality though the film, “Journey of Consciousness.” (For more info, please see below.)
  • The Grof Foundation began a difficult, and at times controversial, process of researching collective initiatives that might improve access to, and assure the quality of, various Grof-related practices. These issues were identified as important by participants in several different conversations at the launch, as well as in the online discussion afterward.
  • Through the generous gift of Bill Melton and Meihong Xu (who was an enthusiastic participant of the launch), the Grof Foundation has been pleased to support a major program to bring Stan’s work to China. Since 2015, we have sponsored two trips by Stan and Diane Haug, which included experiential workshops, conferences, and a dialogue between Stan and Jack Kornfield at Beijing Normal University.

Given the many rich conversations at that event, with topics ranging from a Grof video game for teenagers to a holotropic doula service, we are aware that some you may have started work on projects or made connections at the launch that have been flowering since. Please share these with us by emailing contact@groffoundation.org.

During these two years, we have also said farewell to two of our founding Board members, Lenny Gibson and Ana María Aguirre. Our gratitude for their commitment and contribution to the emergence of the Grof Foundation is immense. We have also said goodbye to our founding Executive Director, Kenneth Sloan, whose dedication to Stan and Christina’s work is profound. His contribution to the birth of the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation was enormous. Thank you so much, Ken.

We have also welcomed, onto our board, Isabel Santis and Ted Esser, both of whom were active participants in the launch. They have brought new perspectives and experience from the fields of psychedelic exploration and spiritual emergence.

This year, we also were blessed to work with Katie Mottram and Rozália Kovacs-Napier, founders of the International Spiritual Emergence Network. We are delighted to have helped build a bridge between their important work and the Grof community. They have enriched our organization, and we are grateful for their commitment and integrity. We continue to champion the growth of ISEN.

We are deeply grateful to all of you who have been helping this process spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

Please know that we are continuing to seek new ways to support and expand the many beautiful ideas that Stan and Christina introduced to the world.

Happy Birthday!

Warm regards,


The Grof Foundation Board of Directors

Marty Boroson
Ted Esser
Veronica Munoz
Karey Pohn
Ted Riskin
Isabel Santis


Journey of Consciousness




Journey of Consciousness

Watch this beautiful video about the film here, and learn how you can share your memories and get involved.

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