Grof Foundation History

Stan Grof and his brother Paul Grof listen to Jeremy Rhoades

Stan Grof and his brother Paul Grof listen to Jeremy Rhoades at the Grof Foundation Launch Event

On Sunday the 26th of October, 2014, in San Francisco, an all day Open Space event launched the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation.  From the live event and later online participation came 49 project proposals.  A later community process developed a Vision Statement for the Foundation.

With a wealth of excellent ideas, a clear vision statement, an engaged community, and funding from enthusiastic donors, we are moving forward and are happy to announce our first projects selected from the projects proposed in the Open Space.

A Plan for the Future

A central topic of the October 2014 Grof Foundation Launch Event Open Space was an exploration of ways to expand the availability of training.  Following up on this, on August 1, 2015 the Grof Foundation initiated a community discussion of a proposal for expanding the training opportunities for methods developed by or derived from the principles of Stan and Christina Grof.  The Open Space discussion went on for six weeks, ending on September 15, when it was closed to new comments, but still available to be reviewed online. Read the announcement letter here, or go directly to the Open Space discussion area here.  On October 30, 2015, the Grof Foundation published an update on the results of the public discussion.

US Spiritual Emergence Network became part of the Grof Foundation

The US Spiritual Emergence Network, founded in 1980 by Christina Grof became a part of the Grof Foundation in February 2015.   Ted Esser, who had dedicated himself since 2004  to the preservation and continued operation of SEN, became a staff member of the Grof Foundation and a Board Member in April 2016.

The Spiritual Emergence Network site for the U.S. is here.

International Spiritual Emergence Network became part of the Grof Foundation

In April of 2016 the new International Spiritual Emergence Network (ISEN) team became part of the Grof Foundation, joining as both staff and board members.

In December 2016 was decided that it would be better to function as separate and distinct organizations, as it will enable each of us give more focus to our own missions.  ISEN started the registration as autonomous charity in Guernsey. It is the intention of the Grof Foundation to continue to work in the area of spiritual emergence and spiritual emergency, and specifically, to support the good work of ISEN as it evolves.