Grof Foundation Year End Gratitude

The following letter was recently sent to those who have contributed to the Grof Foundation in its first year.

With the year drawing to a close, we would like to give you a brief update on the work the Grof Foundation has done, thanks to your generous support.

Being new and relatively small, we decided to focus during our first year on just a few key areas. Specifically, we:

  • Worked to identify, with Stan, those areas in which the Grof legacy needed protection or expansion and took urgent action where needed.
  • Led a public consultation process, enabling our community to explore ways to improve the availability and quality of training.
  • Provided critical advice and support to the blossoming international Spiritual Emergence movement.
  • Most importantly, we took organizational responsibility for – and gave considerable energy and resources to – the US Spiritual Emergency Network.  Specifically, we:
    • Reduced waiting times for people in crisis from 72 to a maximum of 24 hours;
    • Worked to implement critical updates  of contact information and qualifications for the existing  database of 195 professional providers;
    • Gave Ted Esser, who had been keeping SEN alive for years on a voluntary basis, a permanent, part-time contract;
    • Secured liability insurance so that all those responding to support requests are properly protected;
    • Researched options to provide live hotline support (in addition to referrals), using staff and trained volunteers from remote locations globally;
    • Built a new website with an enhanced system for finding providers, submitting support requests, and bringing new caregivers on board efficiently. The new website supports smartphones and tablets as well as PCs, and enables users to spread the word about spiritual emergence easily on their social networks. This new platform is currently being tested and will go live in the first quarter of 2016.

    Meanwhile we continued to support the global Holotropic Breathwork community in the following ways:

    • Organized and promoted  the 4th annual Global Holotropic Breathwork Day, with 24 concurrent Holotropic Breathwork events around the world;
    • Managed the website, which now:
      • Has over 3000 registered members,
      • Has listed over 1000 Holotropic Breathwork events,
      • Features over 1000 mandalas,
      • Provides free listings for 121 certified facilitators, and
      • Responds to vital questions about Holotropic Breathwork from participants and curious members of the public from around the world.

    Of course, none of this would have been possible without your generous support.
    And we are just warming up.

    In the New Year, with your continued support, we will:

    • Substantially expand the SEN provider network
    • Increase awareness of available Spiritual Emergence services
    • Add additional qualified staff to respond to Spiritual Emergence support requests
    • Expand awareness and applications of the core vision that Stan and Christina have given to the world.

    So, on behalf of our Board, our staff, Stan, and all those people interested in the Grofs’ work, or people in crisis who have directly benefited from your donation, we thank you.

    If you have any suggestions or questions about our work or plans, please do get in touch.

    And if you would like to make an end-of-year donation, please know that this will directly support our continued expansion of the Spiritual Emergence Network, and you can do that now, here or contact us directly. All donations from US taxpayers are tax deductible.

    Again, we thank you for your support, and look forward to working with you to expand these wonderful possibilities in the new year.

    Warm regards,

Martin Boroson, President and Kenneth Sloan, Interim Executive Director
On behalf of the Board and Staff of the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation

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