How Does the Age of an Email Address Affect Deliverability?

How Does the Age of an Email Address Affect Deliverability?

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The Age of Email Address continues to be a vital part of digital communication and commerce. Globally, there were an estimated 4 billion e-mail accounts in 2021. Email addresses can be a gateway to other online activities and can hold personal and sensitive information. As such, it is critical to ensure that your email address is valid and secure.

Incorporating email age checkers into your marketing strategy can help you identify and monitor inactive or risky email addresses. In this article, we explore the benefits of email age checkers, dive into popular tools available in the market, discuss best practices and answer frequently asked questions.

How Does Email Age Affect Deliverability?

The age of an email address is important because it helps to determine whether or not the address is active and whether or not it has been compromised. It is also important because it can help to differentiate legitimate from fraudulent activity. For example, if an email address is brand new, this could indicate that it has recently been created or might have been a result of a data breach or other suspicious activity.

However, determining the age of an email address does not necessarily guarantee that a message will be delivered to the intended inbox. ESPs and ISPs run domains through a series of checks to detect spam and malicious content, so just because an email address is relatively old does not mean that it will receive a high deliverability score.

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