Open Space Accreditation Discussion Update

Dear All,

We are deeply grateful to the 339 people who signed up for our online Open Space conversation, as well as to each of you who participated in our recent public conversation about accreditation and quality assurance.

We began exploring these issues because the clearest thing we had heard from the community is that there is a need for better standards, quality assurance, and expansion of opportunity across many areas of the Grofs’ legacy.

It therefore seemed prudent for us to pause before launching any major initiative to consider what all the different areas of the Grofs’ legacy have in common, and whether there might be a way to create robust systems that would support them all.

After much research, we presented a proposal that we believed would achieve this. Based on best practice in similar communities, this was a system in which publicly accountable non-profit organizations would be completely dedicated to accreditation, advocacy, and quality assurance (including ethics, continuing education, supervision, and protection of relevant trademarks).

Consistent with our ethos, however, we did not want to take any irrevocable action on this without first consulting the community as widely as possible, so we opened a space in which alternatives could be considered freely. Though we realized that this process might be uncomfortable at times, we also believed that having this kind of conversation, no matter what the outcome, could bring important ideas to light and also possibly catalyze some positive change.

In reading your responses, we noticed the depth of passion that our proposal raised for some people, particularly in relation to Holotropic Breathwork, and we considered everyone’s concerns carefully. We also learned that Grof Transpersonal Training is now developing an accreditation model in relation to Holotropic Breathwork, similar to what we proposed.

Based on the discussion, we have concluded that there is not sufficient support from the community for the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation to pursue issues of quality assurance in the area of Holotropic Breathwork at this time.

That said, we are continuing to look at the issue of quality assurance across the other areas of the Grofs’ legacy. Our desire is to provide a space in which the diverse groups of people who are passionate about Stan and Christina’s work can join together to manifest its enormous potential.

We will also continue developing other projects where we can make a big impact, such as building a much stronger US Spiritual Emergence Network, supporting the international spiritual emergency movement, encouraging the growth of psychedelic therapy and transpersonal psychology worldwide, and championing other aspects of the Grofs’ legacy.

We truly welcome your help and ideas in advancing these efforts. If you are interested in becoming more involved, please contact us at

Again, we thank you for your honest participation in this process, and look forward to working with you in supporting the further evolution and expansion of Stan and Christina’s work.

The Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation

Martin Boroson, President
Ted Riskin, Vice President
Karey Pohn, Secretary
Verónica Muñoz M., Treasurer

Ana María Aguirre

Kenneth Sloan, Executive Director

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