Ozempic Reviews

Ozempic Reviews

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Ozempic Reviews

NBC News spoke with several people who’ve been taking Ozempic for between one and two and a half years. They all generally agreed that the medication has helped them shed pounds and lower their blood sugar levels, but that maintaining those changes requires effort.

Ozempic (also known as Saxenda) is a long-acting, injectable GLP-1 receptor agonist that helps you feel full and suppresses appetite by mimicking a hormone naturally produced in your stomach. It’s approved for treating type 2 diabetes and can also help improve blood sugar levels in individuals with type 1 or 2 diabetes who have a health condition like heart disease, according to the drug’s website. ¬†Ozempic Before and After

From Users to Advocates: Ozempic Reviews That Shed Light on its Effectiveness

A few people interviewed for this article said they were able to lose significant amounts of weight while taking the drug and some said they were even able to stop using it and still maintain their weight loss, but most doctors recommend continuing to use the medication in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle habits like exercise and diet. And it’s important to note that you can experience side effects like nausea with the use of this medication, and higher doses do not offer additional weight loss benefits but may increase side effects.

Many doctors are worried that people are abusing Ozempic and similar medications by using them for short-term cosmetic weight loss, which isn’t what they were designed for. “Off-label use of this medication can lead to adverse events and ultimately the weight lost will be regained,” Grunvald says. It can also limit access to the medication for people who need it most.

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