A Plan for the Future

I believe that the best way to ensure quality of training, and remove obstacles to expansion, of the work that Christina and I created is to have an open process of community consultation, such as the Grof Foundation is proposing. I invite you to join the conversation.  – Stan Grof, August 1, 2015

Over many years, through many private discussions and open community gatherings, we have been hearing from people who feel very strongly about the need to expand access to, and awareness of, the work that Stan and Christina Grof created.

Recently, there has also been renewed enthusiasm for providing assistance to people in spiritual emergency and support for clinical psychedelic sessions — two other approaches inspired by the Grofs’ work.

In short, we are aware of many people and organizations who care deeply about ensuring that all of the Grofs’ work is widely available, better publicized, more affordable, and held to the highest standards of care.

We have been considering all of your ideas carefully. And with Stan’s support, the Grof Foundation is now in a position to take action.

To that end, we have developed a way forward that, we believe, could support the expansion of all of this work, allow many different training organizations to flourish, and also guarantee quality.

Here is the essence of our plan: Rather than provide facilitator training, the Grof Foundation—a not-for-profit organization—would take administrative responsibility for the accreditation of those training organizations that wish to be part of this community of quality.

Actual decisions about accreditation would be made by an independent Quality Council, the first members of which would be directly appointed by Stan. The Grof Foundation would then be responsible for implementing the decisions of this independent Quality Council and for providing the infrastructure necessary to ensure quality, visibility and accessibility.

An accreditation structure such as this—clearly defined, transparent, and publicly accountable—is standard practice for most professional associations. As a working model, we have been specifically inspired by the structures used by many therapeutic and medical associations, as well as the comprehensive model recently developed by the International Coach Federation.

We believe this kind of structure is particularly valuable because it puts a clear division between the accrediting organization, on one hand, and the training organizations, on the other hand—a division that is vitally important for stability, continuity, ethics, and accountability.

This plan will enable responsible collaboration with existing training organizations and universities around the world, and create opportunities, quite rapidly, for many new training organizations. It would also enable affordable training to be provided around the world—meeting local needs while also ensuring consistency of quality.

Naturally, it will take some time to work out the details, but before we go any further, we want to hear from you.

We are now launching an open conversation about what this future might look like. If you would like to participate in creating this future with us, now is the time to jump in. Please join the discussion at: http://groffoundationopenspace.ning.com/

Do you have ideas about how this model could best be structured? Do you have any concerns? Do you have any great ideas you’ve been sitting on – waiting for the moment when change is possible? Do you currently offer some form of training? Would you like to offer some form of training? And what are the specific needs of your clients or your community? This first period for public discussion will be open for one month, after which we will present a more formal version of this plan for additional discussion. So please join the conversation soon.

This is an exciting moment for the work that Stan and Christina gave to the world, and we look forward to working with all of you to develop its deep possibilities.

We hope that you will join the conversation right now, at http://groffoundationopenspace.ning.com/

Warm regards,

Martin Boroson, President

On behalf of the Board of the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation

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