Thailand’s Gaming Industry

Thailand’s Gaming Industry

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Currently, there are 32 million Thai gamers who integrate online games into their daily lives. This figure has increased from 28.9 billion baht last year to 33 billion baht in 2018. The gaming industry has received a lot of funding, but it remains to be seen how the industry will be regulated.

What makes a gamer toxic?

Thailand’s เดิมพันอีสปอร์ตในประเทศไทย industry is a major contributor to the economy. Its total revenue is expected to reach $1 billion by 2020, up from $970 million last year.

The Gaming Expo is one of the most important events in Thailand’s gaming industry. This year, over 120,000 people attended. Among the games displayed were the popular titles So Many Me, Project Nimbus, Fallen Knight, Kingdoms Reborn, and Timelie.

The DEPA Game Accelerator Program is a program that supports game developers in Thailand. This program aims to improve the quality of games produced by Thai publishers. The program is also designed to increase the capabilities of the local game developers.

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) was established in 2017 to support the growth of the digital sector in Thailand. This agency is focused on five main areas: digital content, data analytics, digital content marketing, game development, and gaming industry.

In the first half of 2021, a majority of gamers spent money on in-game purchases. Among them, the most common purchases were virtual goods and playable characters. In addition, women were more likely to buy in-game money than men.

The gaming industry is expected to grow by an average of 15% over the next few years. The dtac launched a gaming initiative in June 2021, aiming to build a comprehensive digital ecosystem.

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