The Benefits of BCQ

The Benefits of BCQ

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Bcq is a unique blend of Boswellia serrata gum extract, curcuma longa rhizome extract, bromelain and quercetin dihydrate. This combination is known to promote a healthy inflammatory response, reduce minor pain and support gastrointestinal function.

A potent antioxidant, Boswellia also helps to maintain a balanced inflammatory response. It’s often used to treat and reduce swelling, joint and bone disorders, such as osteoarthritis and may help treat symptoms of asthma.

It’s also a natural source of fatty acids and can help to treat and prevent bladder infections, diabetes and other cancers. It’s especially effective against inflammatory diseases, such as gout and arthritis.

Quercetin is a flavonoid that helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure and cholesterol level. It’s also a good source of Vitamin C and B vitamins, which are vital for the development of red blood cells, a healthy immune system, and a strong cardiovascular system.

Tips for Boosting Your Productivity at Work

Another great ingredient in BCQ is bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme found in pineapples. It promotes a healthy digestive tract and decreases bloating.

Lastly, Curcumin is an antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation and fight infections in the body. It’s also a natural antihistaminic and can relieve itching, stomach pain and headaches.

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