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The 5000 Mg CBD Tincture

The 5000 mg cbd is a premium grade cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate in a tincture formula. Featuring organically grown full spectrum hemp and a range of natural flavorings this oil is available in a choice of citrus, mint, natural, and berry options. It is made from natural ingredients and has a low THC content.

Can you take CBD with prescription drugs?

The 5000 mg cbd is one of the highest strength CBD products currently on the market. Tinctures are the most popular form of CBD and offer a flexible dosage approach – simply drop under the tongue, hold for up to 20 seconds, and swallow. Typically containing a carrier oil, a natural flavouring and then the cbd oil itself tinctures are one of the most versatile CBD products. They can be added to food and drink recipes, or used in cosmetics such as beauty masks and face scrubs. As everyone has a different experience when taking CBD, we recommend starting with a small serving such as a quarter of a dropper daily and increasing from there to find the right balance for you.