Custom Shopping Bag and Shopping Bags With Logo

Custom Shopping Bag and Shopping Bags With Logo

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Custom shopping bag and shopping bags with logo are a retail marketing staple, offering easy branding for any business. They can be shared at the checkout or passed out at promotional events to promote your business and build brand recognition. Read more

Whether you’re running a boutique or selling your product at a farmers market, branded shopping bags are a great way to show your customers that your company is as thoughtful as they are. Effective branding introduces your business to new customers and can spark their interest enough to entice them to visit again, while strengthening relationships with existing shoppers.

Going Green in Style: The Versatility and Benefits of Custom Recycle Bags

Choose from a wide selection of bag styles, construction, printing capabilities and handle options to create your unique look. Custom woven cotton vanishing handles, metallic foil hot stamp logos and full-coverage embossing patterns set your bag apart from the competition. Distinctive finishing touches also enhance your bag’s aesthetics, including textured paper options and Japanese-style bottom folds.

Custom printed bags are made with sustainability in mind, utilizing materials like FSC certified kraft paper and 100% post-consumer recycled content. They can be used again and curb-side recycled, allowing for reuse across multiple seasons.

Lamination is a popular option for high-end retail bag products because of its smooth feel and glossy finish. It’s a great choice for bold colors and bright logos, as well as more subtle tones, and it helps ink latch onto the surface. Shoppers will appreciate the added durability of a laminated bag, too, which can resist tear and moisture.

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