Helical Pier Installers

Helical Pier Installers

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helical pier installers

Helical piers contractors near me stabilizing existing foundations for homes, buildings and other structures. They are also an effective method of supporting solar farms, wind turbines and billboards. They can be installed to support these types of projects in a much more cost effective way than concrete pilings. The helix design of these piers creates shaft friction and helix plate friction which increases the load bearing capacity and can even lift a structure that would otherwise collapse under its own weight.

Helical Pier Installers

The first step of any helical pier project is to excavate the pier locations in your soil. This is usually done with a hydraulic drill and can be completed in less than a day. Occasionally the excavation needs to be deeper than usual for various reasons. This may require additional equipment and will be included in your quote.

Helical Pier vs. Other Foundation Repair Methods: Pros and Cons

Once the helical piers have been installed they are connected to a retrofit bracket that is attached to your home or other structure’s foundation. Once the piers are secured the jacking process can begin.

It is important to choose a licensed and insured helical pier installer for any project. This will ensure the project is performed correctly and that it meets all local building codes. It will also ensure you get the best possible warranty and guarantee from the manufacturer.

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