How to Use a Root Touch Up at Home

How to Use a Root Touch Up at Home

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Keeping your roots looking fresh is the best way to keep your hair color on point. That’s why it’s important to schedule consistent root touch ups between salon visits and home coloring sessions to ensure your color lasts as long as possible.

What is the best way to touch up roots?

A root touch up is a hair dye application to the roots of the hair, in order to disguise the fact that the hair has grown out. This will help the dye last longer and give you the most effective results.

When choosing root touch up tips, it’s essential to choose one that is similar in shade to your original hair color. Otherwise, you risk having a harsh line of demarcation between the old and new colors.

The most effective temporary root touch ups blend effortlessly into the rest of your hair, without looking cakey or ashy. They also don’t flake off or transfer onto your hands or clothing, and wash out easily with shampoo.

If you’re a frequent dyer, the best product for you will depend on your specific needs. But these at-home dye kits usually include small accessories like brushes, squirt bottles, and sponges to make the process easy and accurate.

How to Use a Root Touch Up at Home

When applying a root touch up at home, it’s important to follow the directions on the packaging as closely as possible. The directions will tell you how much hair dye to use, where to apply it, and what temperature to set the bottle at.

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