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Magic Mushrooms in Vancouver

Psilocybe magic mushrooms in vancouver are called magic mushrooms because they can create a psychedelic trip for the people who eat them. These small, slender mushrooms contain the hallucinogen psilocybin. In the past, mushroom pickers faced prosecution for their activities, since psilocybin is a controlled drug. But the BC Court of Appeal ruled that picking these mushrooms was not a criminal offence last december.

Now mushroom lovers can buy the hallucinogen legally in Vancouver. And while there are a few illegal shroom shops, they are few and far between. The Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary, run by Dana Larsen, has been selling the fungus for over a year now.

The federal government lists psilocybin as an illicit drug, but the City of Vancouver has made legal exemptions and exceptions available for the sale of psychedelic mushrooms. The city also has a growing number of psychedelic therapy clinics, and there is clinical research that suggests the mushroom’s psilocybin has therapeutic benefits, particularly when used in large doses.

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But Vancouver’s police department has no plans to make it a priority to target the city’s illegal psilocybin stores, which are not causing harm to the community. Instead, the police department is focused on those who traffic dangerous opioids, which are responsible for many illicit drug deaths and fuel gang violence in the downtown Eastside.

That doesn’t mean that the city’s leniency toward magic mushroom sales is likely to last. In fact, it could become more of a problem. Green Councillor Pete Fry and his colleagues have a motion to bring to the next City council meeting, to direct staff to create a system to regulate mushroom retail, similar to what the Vision-majority council did in 2015.

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