Weed and Lean Overdoses

Weed and Lean Overdoses

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Weed lean and Lean overdoses are a common occurrence and can be deadly. If you’ve taken too much of either, call your local emergency services immediately. You should also go to your doctor right away if you’re experiencing any side effects. Both drugs are depressants, but they affect people in different ways.

How to use thc syrup?

To get a dose of THC without the high, try cannalean. It’s a syrup made from cannabis that contains THC and other cannabinoids. It’s sweet and sticky, and can be mixed with soda, tea, smoothies, or alcohol. This product is very popular in Colorado, where it’s legal to grow your own cannabis.

Some people use marijuana in the form of THC syrup, which is an easier way to get high than smoking. A THC syrup can be used as a sweetener or in a dessert glaze, and can also be taken by spoonful. Some people confuse lean with cough medicine, but the two substances have different effects.

There are several types of THC syrups available. The best ones are made with the highest concentrations of CBD and THC. These products are safe and have less side effects than other smoking methods. They are a convenient way to medicate discreetly while in public. They are a great choice for people who want to take marijuana without the risk of being caught.

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