Best Time of Day to Use Infrared Sauna

Best Time of Day to Use Infrared Sauna

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Best time of day to use infrared sauna provides many health benefits including weight loss, detoxification, pain relief and more. However, it is important to know the best time of day to use one to reap all of its benefits.

Generally, the best time of day to use an infrared sauna is in the morning or evening. Using the sauna immediately upon waking can help to alleviate sleep inertia and promote the body’s normal wakefulness cycle. Similarly, sauna sessions in the evening can encourage the production of melatonin and aid in sleep.

Before your sauna session, make sure you are properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Additionally, it is recommended that you bring a towel or bathrobe to use inside the sauna to wipe away excess sweat throughout your sauna session. It is also a good idea to avoid using lotions or oils as these can block pores and inhibit sweating.

Time Well-Spent: Optimizing Your Wellness Routine with the Ideal Infrared Sauna Session

If you are new to infrared saunas, it is best to start with 3-4 short (20-30 minute) sauna sessions per week before advancing to daily usage. This allows the body to adjust and adapt to the heat. Ideally, sauna sessions should be done in conjunction with a cool shower or bath to enhance muscle recovery and help prevent dehydration.

It is recommended to keep a journal of your experiences with the sauna and note how you feel before, during and after each session. This will help you identify the ideal times of day for your individual energy levels and preferences. Also, be open to experimentation and adjustment as your lifestyle or wellness goals change.

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